Caravan Members Make New Plans After Being Sold Empty Promises

Migrant at US-Mex border

SCI Instructor Dr. Robert Bunker spoke with the Epoch Times in New York City about the Central American migrants in Mexico who were denied entry to the United States. One question was why the caravan elected to double the length of its route by going to Tijuana, rather than the Texas border. Dr. Bunker said Tijuana was chosen for political reasons. The article reads in part:

“We have to assume that a specific policy was being supported by such decisions. This policy—which would further the political agenda of the caravan facilitators, with Pueblo Sin Fronteras dominating—is meant to create drawn-out ‘political theater’ to keep the international media spotlight on the issue of immigration rights and their advocacy of open borders, in direct variance to the sovereign rights of states,” Bunker said.

“In this case, with all the international media attention, I don’t see it as a cartels/safety issue. Also remember, we have remnants of [the drug cartels] AFO, Sinaloa, and the CJNG (Nueva Generación) in Tijuana. As the different cartel coalitions fight for control of it, the homicide rate is through the roof so that city is not necessarily safe.”

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