SCI Director Discusses Police Misconduct, Homegrown Violent Extremism

SCI Director Dr. Erroll Southers joined Dr. Cornel West and Professor Tricia Rose on their podcast, The Tight Rope, for an enlightening and powerful discussion on topics including police misconduct, reforming American law enforcement, and the growing threat from white supremacy extremism. He said in part:

“We are working at my center on a national registry, which is also being advanced by a number of community groups and by, interestingly enough, law enforcement, law enforcement unions, and on both sides of the aisle. We’re looking at a registry that will capture those officers who are fired or resign due to misconduct so they can’t go to another department…What we’re going to focus on doing is tracking those officers who have been fired due to things like excessive use of force, corruption, domestic violence, sexual assault, harassment, falsifying police reports, and planting evidence – we want to get them out of the profession…We are proposing to call the registry the LEWIS Registry after Congressman John Lewis. The acronym for LEWIS is going to stand for Law Enforcement Work Inquiry System.”

Watch the full video below.

Safe Communities Institute

Safe Communities Institute

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