Dr. LaVonna Lewis
LaVonna B. Lewis, PhD, MPH

Issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion, reflected in our understanding identity, have become increasingly important topics for organizations that desire to meet the needs of their work force and the communities they serve. However, research is mounting that failure to create a sense of belonging for diverse identity groups, implicit bias and microaggressions are factors that have negative impacts on our relationships. Responding to these differences begins with understanding the concepts and requires a chance to practice and receive feedback. This eight hour interactive and discussion-based course is designed to provide concrete definitions to these critical issues, increase participant awareness of their importance, and begin to practice effectively responding to these issues.

Taught by SCI Instructor Dr. LaVonna B. Lewis, the course covers:

Mapping Identity

  • Explore privilege and oppression and their impact on the various social group identities
  • Develop an awareness of how power manifests in job performance through identity and intersectional lenses.

Implicit Bias

  • Define implicit bias and explore its impacts on decision making
  • Identify and challenge stereotypes and assumptions that we have about ‘others’
  • Explore how these stereotypes and assumptions impact interactions with our peers and other stakeholder groups


  • Define microaggressions, their typologies, and their impacts on job performance, policing, and community safety practices
  • Develop strategies for addressing microaggressions in the workplace, in policing, and community safety practices

This course is designed for public safety professionals including law enforcement, fire, EMS, health, social work, and education from local, state, and federal agencies. The course is held online only, and SCI recommends it be taken in two four-hour sessions.

The cost to attend is $395 per attendee. While there is no set date for the program, SCI is amenable to requests from organizations with sufficient notice. Exclusive organization registration must have a minimum of 15 participants. Please email SCI ([email protected]) for more information on upcoming sessions.

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