The Law Enforcement Advanced Development Certificate Program is a one-year program using online and classroom courses to advance the skills and knowledge of sworn law enforcement personnel up to the rank of lieutenant. The program:

  • Introduces strategies for understanding and managing behavior of individuals whose characteristics often incite use of force.
  • Offers methods for reducing the need to intervene repeatedly with families involved in domestic violence.
  • Identifies the effects of PTSD, schizophrenia and other behavior disorders and suggest approaches for management.
  • Surveys current understanding of adolescent psychology and development to strengthen officers’ effectiveness in working this group.
  • Provides advanced techniques for understanding and combatting human trafficking.
  • Improves confidence in the use of personal and professional skills to maintain safety and manage difficult encounters.
  • Provides practice in communication skills with the public and facilitates partnerships with communities.

Admission Requirements

SCI invites applications from sworn law enforcement personnel up to the rank of lieutenant. Admission is selective and based on professional achievement and organizational responsibility.

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