Rudy Perez


Lieutenant Rudy Perez was born in Guatemala, and he is a 22-year veteran of the Los Angeles School Police Department (LASPD).  He has worked a variety of assignments, including policing, high school and middle school campuses, day and night patrol, interagency task forces, gang detail unit, training unit and lead detective for the threat assessment unit and mental health team. Lieutenant Rudy Perez is currently working as the Adjutant to the Chief of Police for the LASPD.

Lieutenant Perez is a graduate of the FBI National Academy and holds a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice management. He has completed dozens of specialized and advanced leadership and executive training courses. In addition, he sits on several national boards and organizations having to do with law enforcement. These include the President of the National Association of School Resource Officers (NASRO), where he is a national and international practitioner. He has served on the PORAC board and has been part of the FOP and served the LASPOA as an executive for many years during his labor union career.  He also serves on California Coalition of Law Enforcement Associations (CCLEA Vice President), which addresses political and legislative LEO challenges CCLEA represents over 100,000 police officers across the state of California.

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