The Safe Communities Institute (SCI) has been contributing to public safety through education and research for more than 70 years. Called the Delinquency Control Institute (DCI) when it was founded in 1946 by the Tyler family through an endowment to USC, the institute was created through the joint effort of law enforcement, social workers, educators, and involved citizens who were concerned with increasing juvenile delinquency in Los Angeles during the World War II era. Over time, understanding of and approaches to addressing public safety have evolved, as has the Institute.


After a four-year hiatus devoted to rethinking its mission, the institute relaunched as the Safe Communities Institute. Today, with more than 5,000 graduates hailing from all 50 U.S. states and more than 45 countries, SCI is engaged in presenting the research, interdisciplinary education and collaboration that can advance sustainable “whole-of-community” public safety strategies, policies and programs.

In this time of global crisis, healthcare providers, first responders, and many others are helping hundreds of thousands of people in need and delivering immeasurable good to the public's health and safety. For your selfless dedication, often at risk to your own well-being, Americans and the world are deeply grateful. Thank you for your service! dismiss