SCI regularly features public safety professionals who are creating safer communities through their expertise and public service. Read below about the law enforcement officers who deserve the spotlight.

Martin Figueroa Parole Agent Supervisor Martin Figueroa is a 17-year veteran with the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation.
Captain II Elaine Morales is a 31-year veteran of the LAPD and the Commanding Officer at West Traffic Division.
Chief Earl Paysinger Chief Earl Paysinger was a 41-year veteran of the LAPD and the USC Vice President of Civic Engagement.
LAPD Commander Marc Reina is the Commanding Officer of Central Area, the largest command of the 21 geographical patrol divisions in Los Angeles.
Chief John Thomas USC DPS Chief John Thomas John Thomas is Chief of the USC Department of Public Safety (DPS). Prior to USC, he spent 21 years with the LAPD.
Community Service Manager Michelle Velasco USC DPS Community Service Manager Michelle Velasco is a 20-year veteran of the USC Department of Public Safety.
In this time of global crisis, healthcare providers, first responders, and many others are helping hundreds of thousands of people in need and delivering immeasurable good to the public's health and safety. For your selfless dedication, often at risk to your own well-being, Americans and the world are deeply grateful. Thank you for your service! dismiss