SCI engages in research, interdisciplinary education, and collaboration to advance sustainable public safety strategies, policies, and programs. The Institute’s mission is three-fold:

  1. To reach people with a new understanding of public safety that hinges on education, awareness and research, and community engagement;
  2. To advance violence prevention strategies, policies and research; and
  3. To contribute to global security in a time of increasing threats.

The Institute provides a 21st-century approach to public safety by adopting a multidisciplinary “whole-of-community” methodology, which informs SCI educational programs, research projects and community engagement.


SCI offers several programs for public sector and community leaders to advance their knowledge of public safety best practices and strategies. SCI’s Public Safety Leadership Certificate and Executive Leadership Certificate programs, for example, offer law enforcement and other public safety professionals high-level courses on a range of topics, challenges and priorities. As part of the USC Sol Price School of Public Policy, SCI also offers several courses on a range of public safety topics.


Through research partnerships and projects with other universities, as well as public and private organizations, SCI fellows, advisors and instructors seek to find solutions to the most pressing public safety priorities. From studying and mitigating the rising threat from homegrown violent extremism to understanding tension between law enforcement and the communities they serve, SCI research projects provide resources and insights to the professionals and communities who need them to enhance community safety.


Effective leadership and collaboration between public safety disciplines and communities is essential to meeting the complex challenges facing society. SCI helps public sector leaders and public safety professionals identify the strategies and approaches that build trust with communities. SCI also engages faith-based institutions, community organizations, academia, and organizations from throughout the public and private sectors via conferences, symposia, working groups and specialized committees.

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