On November 8, 2019, SCI presented the USC Homegrown Violent Extremism Digital Summit, a live-streamed event offering panel discussions on surviving violence, digital media and disengagement from extremism.

Panel 1 – Surviving Extremist Violence: Victims and communities struggle with physical and psychological ramifications after an attack, and the panel featured experts who shed light on the challenges and needs victims face. Panelists: Dr. LaVonna Lewis, Cynthia Deitle, Josh Stepakoff and Dr. Tony Beliz.

Panel 2 – Extremism and Digital Media: Violent extremists use online forums to share hate and promote their ideology, and panelists discussed the nexus between digital media and extremism. Panelists: Dr. Erroll Southers, Joanna Mendelson, Rick Eaton and Taylor Dumpson. 

Panel 3 – The Path Out of Extremism: As important as preventing terrorist attacks is drawing extremists away from hate and violence, and panelists discussed the approaches and tools that can encourage adherents to reject their extremist ideology. Panelists: Dr. Peter Simi, Tony McAleer and Sammy Rangel.

In this time of global crisis, healthcare providers, first responders, and many others are helping hundreds of thousands of people in need and delivering immeasurable good to the public's health and safety. For your selfless dedication, often at risk to your own well-being, Americans and the world are deeply grateful. Thank you for your service! dismiss