Due to the national emergency surrounding COVID-19, this program will be postponed until further notice. 

The Executive Certificate Series presents an executive level education program addressing a diverse collection of current societal issues. Each session offers an intensive 1-day program, featuring the most advanced education, research and practical resources, to equip the attendees with specific skills designed to address real-life situations that may arise in their areas of practice. This year, the program will present sessions on: Deep Web and Open Source Intelligence; Human and Sex Trafficking; and Mental Health.

The certificate series is open to community stakeholders, policy makers, first responders, educators, social workers, and healthcare practitioners. Each session is a one-day program, offered from 9 AM to 5 PM.

Please note: Registration is separate for each session, and attendees are not required to take all of the one-day programs.

Schedule in 2020

Leadership in the 21st Century, Alexandra Lieben

The cost to attend one session is $399, which includes materials, meals and parking. SCI provides a $100 scholarship for veterans. To register, please e-mail SCI@price.usc.edu with the subject line “EXECUTIVE CERTIFICATE SERIES,” including the specific session of interest, as well as your full name and organization (if applicable), in the body.

Questions? email sci@price.usc.edu call (213) 740-2928
In this time of global crisis, healthcare providers, first responders, and many others are helping hundreds of thousands of people in need and delivering immeasurable good to the public's health and safety. For your selfless dedication, often at risk to your own well-being, Americans and the world are deeply grateful. Thank you for your service! dismiss