Dr. Heidi Beirich
Tony McAleer
Tony McAleer

Concerns over white supremacist and other extremist groups infiltrating the ranks of law enforcement are rising. The FBI considers white supremacy to be the number one domestic terrorism threat. These concerns were heightened in the wake of the January 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol, where a handful of current and former officers were involved. Though they are likely a small number, extremists pose threats to the communities law enforcement serves, the cases law enforcement brings, and the integrity and culture of law enforcement agencies. Extremists also pose a dire safety threat to law enforcement, with dozens of officers killed by extremists in recent years.

This 4-hour course provides an overview of the problem, an in-depth look at signs of extremism from white supremacy to antigovernment organizations, an assessment of the damage such officers can inflict, and tackles the issue of addressing the problem while respecting civil liberties. Because one of our instructors is a former neo-Nazi, participants will receive an insider perspective of how these movements function and the threat they pose to officers and the public.

Taught by Dr. Heidi Beirich and Tony McAleer, the course covers:

What are the signs of extremism?

  • Learn the symbols and signs of white supremacist and antigovernment movements.
  • Find out how and why extremists target officers for recruitment.
  • Understand the goals and activities of these extremists.
  • Learn the power of these movements to recruit from an insider perspective.

How big is the problem?

  • Evidence of extremists in the ranks is growing as white supremacy and antigovernment movements expand.
  • Evidence of racism and hatred expressed by officers found on social media.
  • Law enforcement faces threats and violence at the hands of extremists.
  • What happens when extremists are in the ranks?

Crafting solutions

  • What policies exist to root out extremism in law enforcement?
  • How do major police agencies and organizations tackle this issue?
  • What are best practices?

Course Schedule and Registration Details

This course is designed for public safety professionals including law enforcement, fire, EMS, health, social work, and education from local, state, and federal agencies. The cost to attend is $395 per attendee. SCI is amenable to requests from organizations for group training, with sufficient notice. Exclusive organization registration must have a minimum of 15 participants. Please email SCI ([email protected]) for more information on upcoming sessions.

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