Conflict is part of life. How we prevent escalation and manage de-escalation, however, is a matter of expertise. This eight-hour interactive and discussion-based course is designed to expand your crisis prevention and de-escalation toolbox and sharpen your conflict resolution skills. It is an immersive introduction to the causes of crises, the impact of crises on the behavior of individuals and groups and the practical tools available to minimize risk, maximize compliance and create the conditions required to de-escalate crises, promote conciliation and resolve conflicts.

Led by SCI instructors Alexandra Lieben and Dr. Doron Pely, the online course covers:

Crisis and De-escalation – Theory and Practice

  • Individual and organizational responsibility in the face of challenges, fear and uncertainty
  • The psychology, sociology and neuroscience of escalation and de-escalation
  • From reaction to response – The “Responsible Adult” role
  • From Assertiveness to Assertive Honoring:
    o Avoiding Emotional Hijacking
    o Employing “Yes” Questions
    o Leveraging Needs out of Positions
    o Executing Effective “No” Response

Valuing Culture and Diversity

  • Understanding systemic racism and cultural sources of misunderstanding and conflict
  • The power of socialization, history, and experience
  • Developing cultural competence: working effectively across cultural differences

Effective Communication, Conflict Resolution and Problem Solving

  • Constructive Communication: effective communication practices
  • We cannot do this alone: effective community engagement in pursuit of shared goals
  • Know Thyself: Managing ourselves in conflict and stress
  • Integrative and cross-cultural conflict resolution: Skills to successfully manage and resolve conflicts

This course is designed for public safety professionals including law enforcement, fire, EMS, health, social work, and education from local, state, and federal agencies. The course is held online only, and SCI recommends it be taken in two four-hour sessions.

The cost to attend is $395 per attendee. While there is no set date for the program, SCI is amenable to requests from organizations with sufficient notice. Exclusive organization registration must have a minimum of 15 participants. Please email SCI ([email protected]) for more information on upcoming sessions.

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