Sophia Rhyu


Sophia is currently an intern at the Safe Communities Institute (SCI), where she plays a pivotal role in supporting its operations and leadership. She is primarily responsible for managing media marketing and executing the Public Safety Leadership Program (PSLP) and Executive Leadership Program (ELP).

She is a rising senior and fourth-year cadet at the University of Southern California, pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Health Promotion and Disease Prevention through the US Air Force ROTC program. She competed and was selected for the Professional Officer Course (POC), completed Field Training 2023 MAX 2 as a top 30% nationwide, and received multiple awards, including the commendation award given to the top 10% of the cadet wing for her achievements. Additionally, she serves as an undergraduate laboratory assistant at Dr. Han’s lab at USC Keck School of Medicine, researching perineural invasion of head and neck cancer to understand its mechanism and develop improved treatment strategies. Upon graduation, Sophia will commission as a second lieutenant in the US Air Force, merging her ambitions as a leader and a public health and medical professional.

Sophia’s academic and professional journey reflects her deep interest in public health, humanitarian, and emergency medicine. She aspires to further explore these passions and expand her expertise in serving communities through healthcare initiatives.

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