Countering Violent Extremism On and Offline

Countering Violent Extremism On and Offline Event

ISIS and other terrorist groups have made dangerous innovations in the use of social media to disseminate propaganda and recruit new followers. The terrorist threat at home and abroad is not relegated to an extremist Muslim ideology. Indeed, there are many other violent extremist ideologies motivated by race, religion, and issues (e.g., anti-government).

In response to this growing use of digital media by violent extremists, the United States government launched initiatives to advance social media campaigns, community-based programs and partnership with the technology industry. On August 30, 2017, Safe Communities Institute (SCI) Director Dr. Erroll G. Southers joined RAND Corporation’s Todd Helmus and the USC Center on Public Diplomacy for a discussion on public and private efforts to counter extremist messaging on and offline.

To learn more, watch the recording of the live-streamed event.

Southers at Countering Violent Extremism On and Offline Event


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