Shaikh, King Speak on Deradicalization at SCI Summit on Extremism

Mubin Shaikh and Angela King at SCI HVE Summit

USC’s Annenberg Media ATVN Newscast covered the SCI summit, “Global Solutions in the Age of ​Homegrown Violent Extremism.” The news segment interviewed summit panelist Mubin Shaikh, who, speaking of methods for helping radicalized individuals reject extremist ideologies and violence, said:

“We have to look at things that are missing in their lives. If they’re missing friendship, if they’ve been ostracized by their family. These are things that we can really jump on and bring them into our circle of friends where we give them the love they don’t have, the sense of meaning and belonging they don’t have, that sense of powerfulness, especially when they’re coming from a sense of powerlessness.”

Event panelist Angela King, formerly a member of right-wing hate group, spoke about priorities for helping people move away from extremist groups. She said:

“I think one of the primary things that we need to look at when we’re trying to help people disengage and become deradicalized is identifying what those voids wer ein their lives before they became involved, because ultimately, if we don’t fix those, they’re not going to be successful when they come out of it.”

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