Steering the School Security Industry Toward Collaboration, Best Practices

Since the start of the year, there have be 22 shootings at U.S. schools where someone was killed or injured; 258 people who started 2018 with hopes and dreams are now dead. The time for half-measures, politicking and indifference is long past. Today, the security and public safety communities have a moral obligation to coordinate initiatives and research, collaborate on best practices, and move the needle on preventing school violence.

That sentiment is shared by SCI’s ally in advancing school safety, the Secure Schools Alliance (SSA). Campus Safety Magazine recently reported on some of the ideas SSA is bringing to this national problem. The article notes in part:

As security budgets continue to swell in the wake of this year’s horrific school shootings, members of the security industry are pushing for the creation of better support structures for school officials making spending decisions.

One of the organizations leading that charge is the Secure Schools Alliance (SSA), a non-profit calling for a national conversation between education officials, industry leaders and government agencies to provide schools with more guidance and resources at the state level.

“We believe every state should have a School Safety Center,” says Robert Boyd, the executive director of SSA. “We think these standards should be set at the state level because the issues and types of facilities that you’re dealing with in New York are different from Florida and California, and thus the solutions need to be different.”

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Safe Communities Institute

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