The Mueller Report – Analysis with Malcolm Nance

Dr. Erroll Southers and Malcolm Nance

The findings from Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report offer sobering and troubling insights into the nature of foreign intervention in U.S. elections and the conduct of various government officials. SCI Director Dr. Erroll Southers spoke with U.S. intelligence analyst for NBC/MSNBC Malcolm Nance about key findings in the report. They considered predictions for the future of the Trump presidency, implications for the intelligence community, and more. Watch the full video below.

Safe Communities Institute

The Safe Communities Institute (SCI) at the USC Price School of Public Policy continues a more than 60-year tradition of research, interdisciplinary education, and collaboration to advance sustainable “whole-of-community” public safety strategies, policies, and programs. SCI takes a holistic approach to encouraging and informing public safety efforts through collaboration between all public safety disciplines and the communities they serve.

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