Preventing White Supremacist Violent Extremism

SCI Director Dr. Erroll Southers joined Duke Professor David Schanzer and counterterrorism expert Daveed Gartenstein-Ross to discuss the growth of white supremacist violence in the United States. They discussed the motivations, the threat and the options for countering white supremacist violent extremism. Dr. Southers said in part:

“White supremacists believe that the demise of this country is because we will become a minority-majority country. That has certainly accelerated their motions and movements becoming less of a defensive proposition and more of an offensive proposition…What’s driving it is the overwhelming notion of what they call the ‘great replacement.’ If you look at some of their sites, one of the most trending hashtags for these organizations is #whitegenocide, which they believe is underway in America.”

Watch the full video below.

Safe Communities Institute

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