LEWIS RegistrySCI is creating the Law Enforcement Work Inquiry System (LEWIS) Registry. LEWIS will become a unified national database that documents all police officers who were terminated or resigned due to misconduct, including excessive use of force, corruption, domestic violence, sexual assault, physical assault and harassment, perjury, falsifying a police report, and planting or destroying evidence. 

Objective & Outcomes

Our objective is to increase the public trust and legitimacy of law enforcement officers serving the community while also helping departments hire the best possible candidates.

The LEWIS Registry will fuel improvements in American policing and accountability to the public. The outcomes are in three areas: 

Transparency – Increase departmental integrity and accountability with the communities in which officers serve.

Screening – Offer immediate and significant cost savings in officer applicant verification and background checks.

Research – Deliver expert analysis and publication of data-driven trends and patterns of misconduct causalities.

The LEWIS Registry Team

We bring an extensive record of interdisciplinary education and mission-oriented research focused on critical challenges, such as the growing mental health crisis, extremist violence, homelessness, human trafficking, changing laws, evolving technologies—and most importantly, policing. Our team is led by:


Dr. Erroll G. Southers

Dr. Erroll Southers

Safe Communities Institute Director


Dr. Lauren Brown

Dr. Lauren Brown

SCI Post-Doctoral Scholar


Dr. Benjamin Graham

Professor & SPEC Lab Co-founder


Dr. Güez Salinas

Dr. Güez Salinas

DreamView President & CIO

With support from: