LEWIS Registry

SCI is creating the Law Enforcement Work Inquiry System (LEWIS) Registry. LEWIS will become a unified national database that documents all police officers who were terminated or resigned due to misconduct, including excessive use of force, corruption, violent extremism, domestic violence, sexual assault, physical assault and harassment, perjury, falsifying a police report, and planting or destroying evidence.

The registry is currently being populated and beta-tested with all instances of police misconduct anywhere in the United States and will be fully operational in 2021.

The Need

During the winter 2020, the LEWIS Team conducted a YouGov survey to ascertain the level of support for a registry of the type being proposed by Rep. Karen Bass (DCA) in the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act 2021. Our study concluded that support for the registry is weighted as follows across political parties:

  • Republican: 73.45%
  • Democrat: 90.75%
  • Independent: 76.19%
  • Total: 80%

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