Dr. Robert J. Bunker


Robert Bunker

Dr. Robert J. Bunker is a Director of Research and Analysis, C/O Futures, LLC. He previously served as Futurist in Residence for the FBI Academy and Minerva Chair at the U.S. Army War College. He is also a founding member of the Los Angeles and Inland Empire Terrorism Early Warning Groups.

Dr. Bunker holds degrees in political science, government, behavioral science, anthropology-geography, social science, and history and has undertaken hundreds of hours of specialized law enforcement and homeland security training. Dr. Bunker has given more than 200 presentations and training sessions to academic, law enforcement, and military audiences and has more than 500 publications, including numerous books, research papers, tactical notes, and law enforcement guidance publications.

Dr. Bunker’s areas of research expertise include violent non-state actors (cartels, gangs, terrorists and insurgents), counterterrorism, counter-insurgency, exotic and advanced forms of weaponry, emerging forms of war and conflict, dark globalization, and the neo-Westphalian security environment. He can be reached at docbunker@cofutures.net.

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